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Release 2008-02-09


(01 City & 02 Jungle)



Reception at the airport and transfer by land to the town of Nauta and boat trip beyond the confluence of the Marañon and Ucayali,the source of the amazon river.: after 03 hours of a lot  emotion and a varied fauna mixture and flora, sounds  dilutes in the forest, Travels will arrive to Green yarapa lod received by the personnel of the Project , which will offer a welcome drink and the guide explained to about location  of the Complex of Cabins and the comfortable, security and hygiene that offers: AMAZON LUNCH: after making comfortable in your bungalows you will be  to savor the marvels of the culinary, food Amazon, prepared by professionals of the region.

ECO - FISHING TOUR: In the afternoon you will leave to the black lagoon into the flooded forest to piranha fishing by  indigenous techniques to knowing this way the differences among the herbivore species carnivorous, species of fish.

NIGHT OF LIGTH: after  dinner  will go out a journey by canoe or open boat through the flooded forest to the black lagoon, where will enjoy   silence of the night mixed with sounds, and the emotion To find a Cayman. Our guide through lanterns will show when capturing with he hands. The Cayman return to Green yarapa lodge.  Spends the night. *D.A.C.


DAY 2: SPLENDOR OF THE BIRDS: Very early in the morning  you will be  enjoy with the majestic Amazon atmosphere and of the great variety of native birds from Yarapa River basin.

WALK IN THE GREEN WORLD: after the breakfast will enjoy another great experience, together with the guide, who carefully  will introduce to the secrets of the nature and  invited you an adventure in the dense forest, showing all the details of the flora and Amazon fauna, the plants that cure, those that is used for construction, in the feeding, also variety of monkeys, insects and another type of wild life through a different contact between the man and the greenery of the nature.

DISCOVERING THE PINK DOLPHIN LIFE : In the afternoon  will enjoy a pleasing Expedition by open boat appreciating the different view  offers the Yarapa  River basin and the  inhabits as birds, monkeys and the epiphytes life,  to finish swimming in the waters of the dolphin station River and observing the pink dolphins.  Return to *the lodge.

BRIEF JUNGLE WALK   :In the night before the dinner will have a short jungle walk  with lanterns to know the place where inhabits, the spiders, tarantulas, night birds and insects. Return  to the lodge.

ABORIGINAL COSMOLOGY: after the dinner we will have a brief conference about the Myths and Legends of the Forest counted by the native guide of the place. *D.A.C.


DAY 3: CULTURAL VISIT: After  breakfast you will visit the cocama community of Puerto miguel where you will know their life and customs of this native  old community of the Peruvian Amazonian. You will also observe the beautiful craft manufactured by them, where you  can to buy or to make exchange with each family that offers  their crafts return to THE LODGE..

GREEN YARAPA LODGE / IQUITOS: after to ate the exquisite Amazon lunch, in opportune hour you will begin the return voyage to the city of Iquitos; and transfer to the  selected  hotel. Spends the night. D.A *.



Continental  Breakfast in the hotel.

VISIT PEATONAL FOR THE CITY: knowing the places of major(bigger) tourist interest, The Plaza of weapon, the Jr. Prosperous, The House Eiffel, the Municipal Palace with the blue rollers and barracones of the epoch of the rubber, etc. Transfer to the  Airport.



(*) Every payment with credit card, will have an increment of 6%.
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